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A dynamic, highly visual production planning and control tool to optimize delivery, efficiency and lead time.

FastReactPlan is a dynamic planning and control tool which brings together capacity, critical path, and materials into a single, integrated system. The highly visual and flexible ‘drag and drop’ approach allows effective master planning across multiple factories, as well as the detailed and accurate scheduling of manufacturing lines/machines. Critical pre-production activities (e.g. samples and approvals), and material requirements are dynamically driven in a LEAN pull system based on the latest plan, which supports the reduction of inventory and lead time.

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FastReactPlan is typically interfaced with other business systems (e.g. ERP, PLM, inventory & shop floor). Sharing key data reduces data entry workload, improves accuracy and speeds up the planning process and response times.

Developed specifically for fashion manufacturers of all sizes, FastReactPlan is quick to implement and configured to reflect industry best-practices and specific business requirements. It is proven to deliver significant and measurable improvements in speed, flexibility, and efficiency.

Key Features & Benefits

Utilizes LEAN pull system principles to dynamically calculate material requirements based on the latest production plan. Imports material availability from the ERP system to provide a complete up-to-date picture of material demand vs supply.
Offers a wide range of deep and automated planning functionality as part of core solution, as well as specialist modules including APS, MPS, Vertical and Embellishment Planning.
Provides a KPI driven dashboard for easier, instant visibility and drill down e.g. segregation by customer/product.
Provides fast, realistic planning of total demand (forecast and confirmed orders) and capacity at both factory and production line level, across multiple processes.
Targets and tracks pre-production tasks such as approvals to ensure departments have clear priorities and everything is ready to start production on time.
Automatically calculates the impact of updates, with color coded alerts supporting early proactive action and management by exception.