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Pharmaceuticals Industries

Pharma ERP is web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution developed by Intellier, custom made for the Pharma Industry and helps with the management needs of pharmaceutical companies. It provides the facility to manage production process of pharmaceutical companies, starting from product formulation till the finished product delivery. The Pharma ERP also incorporates several approval processes and workflow to meet production needs and keep track of the factory processes.

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Pharma ERP Modules

This module includes management of configuration data for ware-houses involved in production process. It also gives user facility to configure ware-house racks and shelfs.
Pharma ERP helps you to generate accurate & complete quotations to your prospective clients. The sales module also enables you to implement, design, & adjust your pricing strategy to maximize revenue. By automating sales operations like quotations, sales orders, contract management, and you can channel your energies toward customer relationships and revenue.
This module involves formulation data for a specific product to be produced i.e. for a specific pharma product what are the raw materials required for production of a specific unit. User also can create bill of materials required for the production. Also provides user facility for regular update, delete and addition features.
Supply chain includes a supply chain management system & supplier management. For particular raw materials, supplier data is added to the supplier management system. The user of the supply chain management system can later take quotation for the necessary inventory, as well as quotation management for ordering raw materials from suppliers.
Quality Assurance & Checking are done in this module. Primarily raw materials are being stored in Quarantine facility until they are QC passed. This module gives user facility to manage the QC process, transfer of products from Quarantine area to Ware-house and Thus in the production facility. User can view and print tags and manage tag printing using this module for QC passed products. Besides as an added functionality user can view reports too.
  • Accounts Receivables.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • General Accounts.
  • Fixed Asset Management.
Includes Purchase Order Management System, as well as Purchase Request to Purchase Order Management. Additionally, the user can view PO's status in different reports.

This involves an incorporated production management from Production Order Request to Finished Good Transferring to Warehouse. The user has the ability to establish a production order, as well as modify or cancel it as necessary. Additionally, the user can see materials at various phases of production, such as work in-progress starting & close, also when finished goods are moved to a warehouse.
Pharma ERP helps you in managing your resources, expenses, timesheets, employee leaves, & employee directories. The app also enables you to hire top talents & track results.
This module includes reports & visualizations of the system for different kinds of data, like QC status report of all materials such as raw materials & finished goods. Another report includes the daily stock of items like raw materials to finished goods. This module also includes numerous other reports related to daily pharmaceutical operations.
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Key Benefits Of Pharma ERP

Equipped with ready-to-use software & easily integrable modules, Pharma ERP helps you to enrich the most high-end processes in your pharmaceutical company!

  • Track Sample Progress
  • Enables several developers to work on different formula & packaging specifications.
  • Enables dynamic adjustment of formulas to meet physical & cost target values.
  • Allows side-by-side comparison of specifications.
  • Implement multi-level approval workflows.
  • Allows dynamic adjustment specs & yields based upon available inventory
  • Reserve stock for customer orders
  • Automatically link & schedule batch jobs
  • Manage equipment, resource availability, & capacities
  • Automatically generate lot numbers for intermediates & finished goods
  • Execute production related tasks via mobile devices
  • Automatic inventory backflush.
Improve medicine quality, consistency, & delivery speed to the market; resulting in safer, higher-quality products being offered at the ideal cost & time.
Pharma ERP not only reduces costs, but also maintains product efficacy;
Cost control via inventory management & waste reduction.
Assurance of compliance to the strict regulations
Facilitates accurate business decision-making through real-time batch monitoring
Streamline operational process flow & increase profits
Pharma ERP ensures that formula secrecy can be easily maintained.
  • Automatically assign lot numbers during production & receiving.
  • Track the variable characteristics of stock.
  • Simultaneously view dual units of measure.
  • Select the right inventory on the basis of status, expiry dates, & certifications.
  • Reserve stock for batch jobs.
  • Utilize automated planning & procurement to maximize stock levels.
  • Establish planning horizons & calendars.
  • Consider order forecasts, vendor delivery, & planned production.
  • Make customer orders a priority.
  • Combine demand
  • Schedule & link related batch order & runs
  • Generation of synchronized purchase orders.
  • Inbound receiving & put away tasks.
  • Batch production functions & work-in-progress stock movements.
  • QC tests & special instruction tasks.
  • Outbound pick, pack & ship tasks.
  • Stock adjustments, cycle counts & warehouse transfers.
  • Access live, accurate actionable data.
  • Utilize drill down, role-based dashboards with graphical modules.
  • Get fast data access by using “favorite” shortcuts.
  • Customize reports & industry inquiries, also run ad-hoc queries.
End-to-end bi-directional traceability from the raw materials to the finished products
Easy to take quicker preventative and corrective actions

Pharmaceutical Industry Challenges

Frequently Asked Questions

Pharma ERP is a system that connects, controls, & integrates all the departments, internal processes, & automates all the key functions like planning, inventory, manufacturing, procurement, & business intelligence.
Pharma ERP allows for the consolidation & integration of several pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. It also enables organizations to track sensitive operations such as quality management, compliance, formulation, expiry, costing, & other critical information. Pharma ERP system allows the manufacturers to remotely monitor a batch number & work progress related to the batch. It also helps in keeping track of the final delivery.
Intellier’s team is always there to guide you about the pricing data of Pharma ERP, we will first understand your requirements & needs, after which an accurate cost for the Pharma ERP software will be provided.

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