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Yunusco (BD) Ltd. has signed an agreement with Intellier Limited

Yunusco (BD) Ltd. has signed an agreement with Intellier Limited to implement Nidle

Team Group’s Nidle takes RMG manufacturing to new heights

Team Group has already taken initiative to commercially distribute Nidle in the industry

A new IOT-driven software: Nidle is introduced by Interllier

Nidle is a IoT-driven Smart Factory Solution tailored for the RMG industry and empowered with 4IR technologies that…
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Intellier Family Celebrates Victory Day 2022

Get a glimpse at how Intellier celebrated Bijoy Dibosh 2022 in the office premises…

Intellier celebrates a PotLuck Party at the Office Premises

A “Potluck Party” was held in the office to bring the vibe of a…

Intellier arranged a friendly football match

To spice up the fan rivalry between Brazil & Argentina at Intellier, a football…
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