IntelliERP for Retail


IntelliERP is a complete ERP suite for your organization that will let you manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, marketing, sales, project management, supply chain operations, enterprise performance, and so on. It is a system on integrated applications-typically consisting of different modules – each dedicated to one business area. IntelliERP is a versatile and flexible software solution to streamline operations, manage information and make the whole operation seamless. Our ERP solutions have affordable implementation and customization features according to your business needs, helping your business to achieve its greatest potential.

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IntelliERP Modules

  • Accounts Receivables.
  • Accounts Payable.
  • General Accounts.
  • Fixed Asset Management.
  • Automated conversion between stocking, ordering and consumption units of measures
  • Categorized items for the purpose of analysis.
  • Level of reorder for the exception report.
  • Inventory status for each item & warehouse showing the quantities on customer orders, allocates to customer orders, on manufacturing orders, in picking, kited to manufacturing orders, kited to transfer orders, goods-in, inventory in hand, etc..
  • Know what your current inventory value is.
  • The ability to move quantities between inventory locations as required.
  • Status of inventory by batch numbers.
  • Inventory costing & facilitate generation of inventory ledger by three different costing methodologies: Batch Costing, FIFO Costing, & Weighted Average Costing.
    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about gathering leads & its obvious that CRM is a crucial process for any customized setups. IntelliERP provides highly efficient & reliable CRM services which will help you organize your activities, track your leads, & gather all the data necessary to make informed decisions.
    This involves an incorporated production management from Production Order Request to Finished Good Transferring to Warehouse. The user has the ability to establish a production order, as well as modify or cancel it as necessary. Additionally, the user can see materials at various phases of production, such as work in-progress starting & close, also when finished goods are moved to a warehouse.
    Supply chain includes a supply chain management system & supplier management. For particular raw materials, supplier data is added to the supplier management system. The user of the supply chain management system can later take quotation for the necessary inventory, as well as quotation management for ordering raw materials from suppliers.
    Includes Purchase Order Management System, as well as Purchase Request to Purchase Order Management. Additionally, the user can view PO's status in different reports.
    IntelliERP helps you in managing your resources, expenses, timesheets, employee leaves, & employee directories. The app also enables you to hire top talents & track results.
    In order to provide you more control over sales, customer management, and inventory, iPOS is outfitted with advanced reporting functions. The tool collects information & enables you to dissect the data to ascertain vital facts, such as what are the best-selling products, which promotions are performing the best, what are the possible market demands, & when to change the product mix. The insightful reports support superior customer management and well-informed company decisions.

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