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What Does ESG Stand For?

Environment Social Governance
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See How Environment Friendly Your Company Is

Keep track of environmental issues such as GHG Emission, Fuel Consumption, Usage of Renewable Energy & Natural Resources, etc. which would help your company in evaluating any potential environmental risks & in setting a corrective action plan to mitigate those risks.

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Check If Your Company Upholds Social Responsibilities

Get to know how diverse and ethical your company is by viewing several factors about your company’s staff such as total employment generation, male-female employee ratio, percentage of disabled employees, wage equality, contribution towards CSR, etc. This will help you in standing out amongst other companies as many investors are looking for companies that comply with ethical standards.

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Ensure That Your Company Is Transparent & Ethical

Check how your company is led & managed, along with whether integrity & diversity are maintained while selecting leadership as well as accountability to shareholders. See whether all of your branches/factories offer facilities such as medical centers, childcare centers, trade unions, etc. to ensure satisfaction of employees.

Features of ESG Tracker

Data Integrity & Transparency

Visual Analytics

Streamlined Reporting

Emissions Libraries

Auto Data Transfer

Target Tracking

Dual Reporting

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A centralized dashboard portraying all the indicators of your business!

Central Sustainability Tracking Dashboard

The Dashboard provides you with an exclusive look inside your organization practicing ESG parameters.

With the assistance of the centralized dashboard, decision-making processes have become much easier and also post-implementation impacts can be very easily measured through this platform.

Each business unit will be able to see each other data within a group to compare and improve accordingly. Administrators of the system will be able to set specific ESG indicators questionnaires for each business units to answer.

Meet your sustainability goals via our ESG Software!

Environment Sustainability Reporting

The ESG Sustainability Platform is designed to be a reporting and monitoring platform that will ensure monitoring and reporting of a sustainable production process for the Garments & Textile industry. ​The platform has a dynamic data visualization dashboard to track the industry’s obligations on Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

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See if your factories are meeting the KPI standards!

KPI Tracking Dashboard

The KPI dashboard that comes with the ESG Sustainability Platform helps you see factory wise KPI and provides instant visual feedback on how your factories are performing in relation to key performance indicators (KPIs). You also get to view whether the individual factories are meeting or are on course to meet the set KPI standards/goals.

How Does ESG Tracker Benefit You?

What The Future Holds

Predictive Analysis

Once we have enough data in the system we will be able to make predictive analysis with BI.

Inclusion of IoT

With the help of IoT devices we will be able to collect more data automatically rather than manually.

Machine Learning Activation

Common Machine Learning Activation functions used in neural networks include sigmoid, ReLU, Tanh, & Softmax.

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