ministry of food

Design, Development & Implementation Learning Management Solution (LMS) For Ministry of Food

Project Name : Design, Development & Implementation Learning Management Solution (LMS) For Ministry of Food
Client : Ministry of Food, Bangladesh
Implementation Duration: 01/2020 to 07/2020
Project Scope: The Government of Bangladesh has a vision of reforming through the use of technology to enable the efficient rendering of services and to allow accessibility of these services to the citizens. Ministry of Food being a part of Bangladesh is no exception in this matter. Ministry of Food provides a variety of training programs to help its employees improve their skills and productivity. We, Intellier Limited, have taken the initiative to digitize the training management system in order to streamline the training process, improve learning methodologies, and leverage technology to keep track of all training. The objective of this project is to use a structured architecture technology solution to create a single platform to manage all training program records, information, reminders, and notifications to participants, as well as a database of training participants and evaluation reports for trainers and participants. This learning management system allows to create a virtual learning environment that will enable users to set the order of modules, create time limits, share resources, & make sure nothing gets lost in the process. It also enables the administrators to track each participant's learning progress & reports in one accessible place. Including the following works:

  • User Management
  • Participant Module
  • Trainer Module
  • Administrator Module
  • Course Management
  • Course Enrolment
  • Assessment Module
  • Personalized Customizable Dashboard
  • Notification/Reminder
  • Track Progress
  • Trainer Evaluation
  • Multilingual capability
  • Detailed reporting and logs.