sustainability tracking dashboard

Design, Development and Implementation of Sustainability Tracking Dashboard for TEAM Group

Project Name : Design, Development and Implementation of Sustainability Tracking Dashboard for TEAM Group
Client : Team Group
Implementation Duration: 10/2020 to 07/2021
Project Scope: TEAM Group is a rapidly growing conglomerate, working across multiple industries including RMG, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, IT, and Real Estate. TEAM Group owns and runs five RMG factories, including Brothers Fashion Ltd, which is a LEED GOLD Certified factory. Another RMG factory, 4A Yarn Dyeing Ltd, received LEED PLATINUM last year and got recognition as Green Factory in the country. All other RMG Manufacturing units are socially compliant. Its Sourcing Unit, Team Sourcing, is one of the largest Sourcing Companies in Bangladesh with global operations in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Australia. Sustainability is a core value of what TEAM represents. Taking care of the environment, ensuring social responsibilities, and providing strong leadership are vital steps toward progress in the RMG sector. To ensure their long-run sustainability in the RMG sector, TEAM group has decided to have such a dashboard that will help them with the following, but not limited to:
  • Keep track of environmental issues such as GHG emissions, Fuel Consumption, Usage of Renewable Energy & Natural Resources, etc
  • Get to know how diverse and ethical their company is by viewing several factors about the company’s staff such as total employment generation, male-female employee ratio, percentage of disabled employees, wage equality, contribution towards CSR, etc
  • Check how the company is led & managed, along with whether integrity & diversity is maintained while selecting leadership as well as accountability to shareholders.
Intellier Limited has designed, developed, and implemented a sustainability tracking dashboard for TEAM Group to fulfill its goal. This dashboard has many unique modules & features such as:
  • Central Sustainability Tracking Dashboard
  • Environment Sustainability Reporting
  • KPI Tracking Dashboard
  • Visual Analytics
  • Streamlined Reporting;
  • Emissions Libraries
  • Auto Data Transfer
  • Target Tracking
  • Forecasting, etc