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Is Your Business Protected From Cyber Attacks?

A cyberattack can result in the loss or theft of financial data, customer information, and proprietary business information, risking operations, hampering productivity and revenue, and damaging reputation & customer trust. Preventing them is challenging due to Perpetually changing threat landscape and lack of visibility to :

cyber attack

Cyber Security is Not Something
that Anybody Can Afford to Ignore



Security Solutions, Firewalls, & network security devices are all good, but the main threat of a security breach lies within the human factor of your organization itself. People usually misplace their passwords, connect to unsecured networks, share credentials & control, all while being negligent about their vital data. We assist them by providing necessary information, assist in developing effective policies & governance, & raising general awareness to lessen the likelihood of a breach.


The next stage is consulting about the electronically integrated business processes you have in order to reduce risk & limit exposure.


You might need to incorporate a few security solutions to help your security team protect your assets. How well do you understand about what solution is required? How can you be certain that the solution you purchase is the one you require or is the right one? Our analysts will thoroughly examine your current network architecture & set out a future plan while giving you advice on the best solutions you can implement, while keeping your budget in mind.

Security Services

Vulnerability Assessment

The process of identifying, evaluating, and rating vulnerabilities in computer systems is known as vulnerability assessment/analysis.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Tests are approved simulated cyberattacks on computer systems, which are done to assess the security of the systems.

Mobile Security

The technique helps in enhancing both repeatability and transparency of mobile penetration testing.

Source Code Audit

This is the process of examining an application's source code to look for defects that were missed during the early stages of development.

Network Security

Utilize the quickest, most trustworthy cyberattack defense available to safeguard networks, data, & users to secure your database & systems.

Data Center Security

Data center security refers to the physical and technological safeguards and controls that protect data center operations, programs, & data from danger.

Endpoint Solutions


Sophos Endpoint is an advanced endpoint security software that uses a combination of anti-malware, behavior monitoring, device control, data loss protection, firewall, etc. to create an optimal security solution for clients. Sophos Endpoint Security and Control comes with softwares such as Sophos, Anti-Virus, Live Protection, Data Control, Client Firewall, Device/Web Control, & many more.

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Trend Micro

Trend Micro Apex One is a state-of-art endpoint security system which provides maximum protection against external threats. It provides the widest defense against all threats by utilizing a variety of cross-generational threat approaches for advanced threat detection. Apex One also comes with Vulnerability Protection that employs a host-based intrusion prevention system (HIPS) to virtually patch known and unknown vulnerabilities prior to an available patch.

Why Intellier?


Firewall Managenment

Data Protection
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Antivirus Controls
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Data Access Control

System & Application Security
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Security Testing
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Security Controls

Data Transmission Encryption
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Physical Access Control

Personal Access Control
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Data & Network Access Control
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Information Security

Security Standards & Guidelines We Adhere To

We adhere to the following standards in our penetration testing methodologies:

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