Consulting Services for Workshop, Training & Data Entry of Tenderers For LGED

Project Name : Consulting Services for Workshop, Training & Data Entry of Tenderers For LGED
Client : Local Government Engineering Department (LGED), Bangladesh.
Implementation Duration: 11/2022 - Present
Project Scope: The objective of this assignment is to robustly operationalize the National Tenderers’ Database (NTDB) by incorporating the verified past credential information of tenderers. To fully operationalize the National Tenderers’ credential Database, this assignment has been undertaken by the Local Government Engineering Department to complete the initial data entry of Tenderers’ Profile under the Chattogram Division on the National Tenderers’ Database. Provisions for increasing awareness among tenderers regarding the NTDB through workshops and for enhancing the capacity of the Tenderers, LGED officers & staff through training programs are also included in this assignment.

Under the scope of work, we have performed the following works:
  • Preparation of the Tenderers’ List: Preparing and finalizing the district-wise current tenderers’ list under the Chattogram division;
  • Organize Workshops for the Tenderers: Arranged 9 workshops at the district level for the local tenderers under Chattogram division who are registered in the e-GP system.
  • Organize Training Programs for the LGED Officers and Staffs: Conducted training programs for the LGED officers and staff on NDTB who regularly take part in the tender evaluation and verification of papers during the post-qualification stage.
  • Facilitate Validated Data Entry: Assisted the local tenderers of the Chattogram division to update their e-GP account with at least the past five years’ information on National Tenderers' Database.
Project/Service Type: Training