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A new IOT-driven software: Nidle is introduced by Interllier

What is Nidle?

Nidle is an IoT-driven smart digital solution for garments manufacturing shop-floor operation. The solution, focused on production processes, quality, line layout, material availability, machine maintenance and production tracking with real-time visibility anytime, anywhere. It is optimized to improve productivity and decrease wastage.

It is a home grown Smart Factory Solution tailored for the RMG industry and empowered with 4IR technologies. With the help of IoT, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the solution solves critical production efficiency challenges which cannot be served through manual production process or conventional ERP system.


Features & Functions

Nidle comes with following high level features and functionalities to automate factory production process:

  • Pre-production
  • Cutting
  • Cutting Production
  • Production
  • Finishing
  • Library
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Portal

Nidle offers cutting edge technology solution to integrate Man, Machine and Process towards improving productivity, quality, and timeliness along with transparency and control. Nidle measures the performance of each and every operation and the operator of a sewing line through the IoT devices attached to the machines. It makes real-time monitoring of production performance possible. Through Nidle, target versus actual performance is visible to both the workers and managers. Real-time tracking of quality, rejection and re-works help improve quality performance and wastage control.

The solution has the ability to enhance the productivity of the factory at least by 8-10% by solving critical line balancing gap, identifying defects and prescribing the right skill matrix required for optimum productivity of the factory which is currently not being offered by any local or international solution providers.

Nidle Smart Factory solution is an IoT-driven cloud-based solution for the garment manufacturing floor with tailored solutions for each department. Factories can now track, optimize, and digitize their operations in a real-time dashboard, from any location, to enhance efficiency, quality, and reduce production waste.

Business Intelligence Dashboard

The “Business Intelligence Dashboard” facilitates a helicopter view of shop floor performance with drill-down information. The production manager has the visibility to monitor production performance through one screen.

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It is a cloud-friendly application run on SaaS model which supports small, medium and large factories with both simple and complex operations. The platform also supports different layer of reporting (e.g. Factory Operator, Line Manager, Floor Manager, and Factory Director). Nidle is scalable and compatible with different user levels. The solution is also compatible for all type of RMG factories including Knit, Woven, Sweater, Jacket, denim etc. The solution is fully responsive to different devices.

Nidle utilizes Smart IOT device, Smart Hit Map, Smart traffic light system, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology.

Intelligent Input Management System of Nidle allows the production floor to reduce material input complexity. Smart IOT device helps track the productivity of each sewing machine and identify productivity bottlenecks and line balancing errors in real-time. QC manager assess the garment quality and inputs data directly into the Quality Management System using a tablet. Hit Map and Smart traffic light system helps monitor quality performance of the floor and identify defect prone processes and defect locations.

These productivity and quality insights and KPIs are directly presented to factory floor through real-time Dashboard. By using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the solution presents in-depth analysis of floor optimum production capacity vs actual production performance and provide prescriptions to address productivity related challenges based on workers skill profiles generated through IOT devices.

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