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4A Yarn Dyeing Increases Their Production Efficiency With Nidle

4A Yarn Dyeing Ltd. is a 100% export-oriented outerwear manufacturing company, established in 2009. It specializes in producing all kinds of high-quality outerwear garments.

Being a big company of more than 7500 employees with 72 production lines, 4A Yarn dying ltd has been facing difficulties on their manufacturing production floor in terms of line-wise production tracking, measuring KPI’s, real-time data-based decision making. There are further challenges about on-time shipments by ensuring maximum product quality within the lead time tenure.

This is where Nidle comes in with a compact manufacturing execution system. Nidle Smart Factory solution is an IoT-driven cloud-based end-to-end solution for the garment manufacturing floor, complete with tailored solutions for each department. Factories can now track, optimize, and digitize their operations in real-time dashboard, from any location, to enhance efficiency, quality, and reduce production waste.



  • Too much manual input is needed for production data reports.
  • Real-time production data is not available.
  • Simultaneous production tracking is not possible.
  • Manual capacity study is conducted in a time-consuming manner.
  • Due to lack of Historical data, Real-time decision making backed by the business data is not available.
  • Reactive process of managing business is not possible
  • Heavy dependency on the production resources to avail the data from for which transparency of accurate data is compromised.


  • Usage of Nidle increases process efficiency and makes collecting and tracking data more accessible
  • Through the reduction of production time wastage and defects, the cost of operation goes down significantly
  • Real-time tracking ensures that the products reaching the consumers are of the highest quality
  • Nidle helps identify bottlenecks and avoid starving or overfeeding any department and makes the capacity study more effortless for team members
  • Measuring KPI’s helps to maintain a smooth operational flow between the departments on the production floor



  • 35% reduction in production defects and rework
  • 1200+ sewing operators empowered
  • 5M pcs garments quality checked per month
  • 25% overall production efficiency increased


Nidle Dashboard


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